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Ningbo Yingmed Medical Instruments Co Ltd is one of the professional supplier for the Medical Instuments products in China Our Team has more than 10 years experiences in Medical field We export our products to customers in Europen South Africa South east of Asia South America Middle East We are facroty located in Jiangsu province which is near Shanghai port we produce Oxygen mask Nebulizer mask ET tubes Latex Foley catheter Tracheostomy tube Syringe and etc In order to fufill and increasing needs of our trusted and loyal customers apart from our factory we have more than 5 strategic partners which produce urine bags surgical gowns medical tubes wound dressing syringes diagnostics lab...

Categories and Products

Respiration And Intubation

Oxygen Therapy

Diposable Oxygen mask with tube Medical Disposable Venturi Mask Disposable PVC Nasal Oxygen Cannula Medical Disposable Oxygen Mask with reservoir bag 2M Disposable PVC Oxygen Tubing Neonate oxygen mask types prices 


Medical PVC Disposable Nebulizer Mask Medical Disposable Nebulizer Mask with mouthpiece Nebulizer Mask Kit with medicine bottle Aero Chamber With Silicone Mask Parts of nebulizer mask disposable adult child sizes Asthma inhaler spacer for aerosol chamber 

Disposable Airway Management

Disposbale PVC Oral&Nasal Endotracheal Tube with cuff Disposable Oral and Nasal Endotracheal tube without cuff Disposable Nasal Preformed Tracheal Tube Disposable Nasal preformed Tracheal Tube without cuff Disposable Oral Preformed Tracheal Tube with cuff Medical Disposable Oral Preformed Tracheal Tube Disposable PVC Tracheostomy Tube with cuff Disposable PVC Tracheostomy Tube without cuff Disposable Reinforced PVC Endotracheal Tube with cuff Oral and Nasal Reinforced Endotracheal Tube without cuff Endotracheal Tube with Suction Tube and cuff Medical Disposable Endotracheal Intubating Stylet Colorful Orapharyngeal Airway Guedel Stype Medical Disposable Blue Color Nasopharyngeal Airway Medical Diposable Endotracheal Tube Holder Disposable Medical Sterile Tracheostomy tube holder 

Artificial Respiration Device

Disposable Silicone Laryngeal Mask airway management Adults Reuseable Silicone Laryngeal Mask EO Sterilized Disposable PVC Laryngeal Mask First Aid Kit Disposable Silicone Resuscitator Disposable SEBS Resuscitator Ambu Bag Disposable PVC Resuscitator Bag Set Latex Free PVC Disposable Anesthesia Mask Medical Disposable Bacteria Filter HME filter Reinforced PVC Anesthesia Breathing System New type Anesthesia mask Medical Protable Three Ball Incentive Spirometer Medical Disposable Mouth To Mouth Breathing Mask Medical Disposable First Aid Kit CPR Mask Medical Disposable Anesthesia Breathing Circuit System 

Infusion /Injection


Disposable Sterile Auto Destruct Syringe Medical Use Tubercle Bacillus Syringe Hot Sale Disposable Syinge Medical Disposable Insulin Syringe High Quality Scalp Vein Set Disposable ear 60cc Irrigation Syringe Medical Disposable Hypodermic Syringe Needle Disposable Medical Sterile A.V. Fistula Needles 1ml luer lock sterilized plastic disposable syringe Disposable injection syringe 5ml with price Disposable 10ml syringe with or without needle Medical disposable syringe 1cc 2cc 3cc 5cc 10cc Large plastic syringe 20ml 30ml 50ml 60ml 100ml Free sample orange cap colored insulin syringe 31g insulin syringe units u100 Medical disposable insulin syringe 0.3cc 0.5cc 1cc Sterile diabetic insulin syringe sizes 1ml tuberculin bacillus poultry vaccination syringe Disposable medical hypodermic syringe needle injection size 


Safety Medical I.V. Cannula Difference Size Safety I.V. Cannula Medical I.V. Cannula with injection port with Wings High Quality Medical I.V. Cannula Without Injection Port Medical Pen Like Type I.V. Cannula Disposable Medical Quincke Spinal Needle Disposable Medical Sterile Epidural Needle Sterile Medical Disposable Epidural Kit Disposable Medical Sterile Hemodialysis Catheteer Kit Medical Disposable Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Line Medical Disposable Sterile Central Venous Catheter Kit 

Disposable Infusion

Medical disposable saline infusion set Medical Disposable Burette Infusion Sets Medical Disposable Infusion Sets Infusion Set with Y Site Infusion set with dark color IV Set with Regulator Cheap Medical Disposable Sterile Blood Transfusion Set Medical Disposable Plastic Three Way Stopcock Medical Sterile Disposable Infusion Set With Flow Regulator Medical Disposable Transparent Heparin Cap High Quality Heparin Yellow Luer Lock Heparin Cap Plastic Octagonal Heparin Cap For IV Catheter Medical Disposable Three Way Stopcock EXtension Tube Disposable Medical Sterile Combi Stopper Medical Disposable Needle Free Injection Connector Medical Sterile Transparent Y Type Needle Free Connector Disposable Medical Sterile Blood Bag 

Infusion Stand

Hospital Moveable metal Infusion Stand 

Disposable Urinary Nursing


Medical Disposable PVC Nelaton Catheter Medical male external condom catheter Disposable Latex 2 way Foley Catheter Disposabel Female 2-way Foley Catheter 2-Way Curving End Latex Foley catheter 3-Way 1- Balloon Latex Foley Cathter Disposable Red Latex Urethral Catheter Disposable Natural Latex Malecot Catheter 3-way Double Balloons Foley Catheter 

Urinary Drainage Bag

2000ml Disposable Urinary Drainage Bag Disposable Pediatric Urine Collection Bag 2000ml Urine Drainage Bag Luxury 2000ml Urine Collection Bag Pyriform 2000ml Urine Collection Bag Three Chambers Luxury Urine Meter 3100ml Pyriform Urine bag with meter Baby Infant Urine Collection Bag Urine collection bag hanger 

Wound Drainage System

Disposable Closed Wound Drainage System 

Ostomy Pouch

Disposable one-piece closed ostomy pouch Hydrocolloid One-piece Closed Ostomy Pouch 


Female Plastic Urine Container 

Urine Container

60ml Urine container with screw cap Disposbale Transparent Urine Cup Medical Disposable Stool sample container Disposable Stool Sample Test Container Urine and Stool container with graduated Medical Disposable Specimen Cup Medical Urine sample container 

Bed Pan

Plastic PP/ PE Bed pan Plastic Slipper Bed Pan 

Wound Dressing


100% Cotton Gauze Swab with or without X-ray Medical Disposable Non-woven Swab Medical Absorbent Cotton Roll High quality prewashed disposable sugical gauze lap sponge Wholesale sterile adhesive cotton eye pad High quality medical absorbent cotton gauze roll Medical tulle paraffin gauze dressing Medical absorbent medicla cotton gauze bandage Disposable zig zag cotton wool Transparent IV cannula wound dressing Disposable medical peanut guze ball 


Medical Cotton Spandex Elastic Bandage Colorful Non-woven Self-adhesive Bandage Colored Cotton Elastic Self-adhesive Bandage Polyester High Elastic Bandage White Plaster of Paris Bandage Orthopedic Casting Tape Fiberglass Bandage Disposable PBT elastic conforming bandage Disposable medical cotton triangle bandage Colorful Adhesive sport tape medical Medical Ice wrap cold bandage Medical under orthopedic cast padding bandage 

Cotton Material

Medical Bamboo Cotton Swab 

Surgical Plaster

Medical Zinc Oxide Surgical Tape Medical Non woven Surgical tape Medical PE Surgical Tape Medical Silk Surgical Tape Plaster Perforated Zinc Oxide Tape Disposable medical non-woven infusion plaster 

Dressing Set

Disposable Medical Wound Dressing Sets Economic First aid kit bags with medical supplies High quality surgical hand cleaning scrub brush 

Wound Disinfection Pad

Medical Alcohol Prep Pad Medical Povidone iodine Prep Pad Disposable sterile medical povidone-iodine swabsticks 

Medical Protective Wear

Disposable Gloves

Latex Surgical Gloves with Power or Powder-free Non-sterile Latex Examination Gloves Disposable powder free nitrile examination gloves Disposable powder free vinyl examination gloves High quality disposable pe glove Powdered sterile latex surgical gloves Non sterile cheap surgical gloves prices 

Disposable Surgical Caps

Disposable Non-woven Round Nurse Cap Disposable nonwoven bouffant clip cap 

Surgical Masks

Disposable Non Woven Face Mask Dust Proof Face Mask Non-woven PP Face mask with Transparent Shield Beauty Funny Face mask New Type Disposable Dust Mask N95 Face mask with or without Valve Actived carbon Air Filter Mask Disposable medical filtering half-face dust mask 

Surgical Clothing

Disposable Non-woven Surgical Gown Disposable Non woven Isolation Gown Disposable PE Shoe Cover Non Woven Shoe Cover Disposable disposable white custom PE plastic apron Disposable printed adult baby diaper bag Disposable CPE shoe cover Fashionable nurse uniform cotton designs High quality medical white lab coat designs 

Disposable Bedding

Medical Disposable Bed Sheet Hospital Disposable Waterproof PE Bed sheet Disposable hospital adult medical waterproof underpad 

Disposable Medical Tubes

Disposable PVC Suction Catheter Disposable PVC Infant Mucus Extractor Disposable PVC Feeding Tube Disposable PVC Stomach Tube Disposable Silicone Stomach Tube Single use PVC Rectal Tube Disposbale Natural Latex T-Drainage Tube Disposable Natural Latex Penrose Drainage Tube Single-use PVC Umbilical Catheter Yankauer Suction Set with Handle Disposable Yankauer Suction Handle 

Homecare Devices

Wheel Chair

Steel And Aluminum Material Wheelchair 

Walking Aids

Cheap Aluminum Alloy Foldable Walking Aids 

Diagnostic Devices


Hospital Medical Classic Mercury Type Sphygmomanometer High Quality Portable Asia Type Aneroid Sphygmomanometer 

Medical Thermometer

Medical Glass Clinical Mercury Thermometer High Quality Medical Hard Tip Digital Thermometer Waterproof Bendable Digital Thermometer With Soft Tip Animal Cartoon Electronic Digital Thermometer Medical Digital Baby Infrared Ear Thermometer Medical Ditigal Baby Infrared Forehead Thermometer 

Weight Scale

Digital baby weighing scale 

Height Measuring Tape

Height measuring stand with weighing scale 


Hospital Medical Single Head Heathcare Stethoscope High Quality Dual Head Medical Healthcare Stethoscope 

Reflex Hammer

Medical neurological rubber reflex hammer 

ENT Diagnostic Devices

Medical Hospital ENT Diagnostic Devices Hospital luxurious eyesight lamp box Medical LED light ballpoint pen 

Operation Room Equipment

Electronic Operation Table

Hospital surgical electrical operation table 

Electronic Obstetric Bed

Electric obstetric delivery bed 

Orthopedics Tractor Rack

Quadrilateral hospital orthopedic traction bed 

Chair -Mounted Dental Unit

Top chair mounted dental unit 

X-Ray Machine

Digital portable x-ray machine prices 

Shadowless Operation Lamps

Surgical led shadowless operating lamp surgical lamps 

Suction Machine

Medical Two bottle Electric Suction machine Electric portable phlegm suction Machine 

Medical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Charomic Catgut Surgical Suture thread with needle Plaint Catgut Surgical Suture Polyglycolic Acid Surgical Suture Non absorbable Silk Braded Surgical Suture Nylon Monofilament Surgical Suture Polyester Braided Surgical Suture with needle Polypropyleneg Surgical Suture with needle Rapid Poliglactin 910 Surgical Suture Medical Ear Syringe Bulb Disposable Umblical Cord Clamp Disposable Patient ID Bracelet Medical Disposable Elastic Tourniquet Rubber Hot Water Bag Medical Round Ice Bag Medical Instant Ice pack Instant Hot Cold Pack Disposable electrosurgical pencil with blade tip Medical Magnetic Foam Block Needle Counter Medical Disposable Surgical Stainless Steel Blade Disposable Medical Stainless Steel Surgical Scalpel 

Disposable Gynecological Examination

One step HCG pregnancy test strip kit One step syphilis rapid test kits One step Malaria rapid diagnostic test kit High quality Rapid hiv blood test kit Dengue igg/igm rapid test kit Chlamydia and gonorrhea rapid test kits Disposable sterile vaginal speculum types Disposable sterile cervical cytology brush Disposable medical plastic amniotomy hook Disposable medical wooden cervical scraper Disposable Sterile Plastic Cervical Scraper Disposable natural male latex condom 

ECG Machine

Hospital digital ECG Machine price 

Medical Paper Products

Sterilisation Pouch

Disposable EO Sterilization Paper Bag Disposable Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch EO& Steam Disposable Sterilization Indicator Tape Disposable Bowie Dick BD Test Pack for Autoclave Disposable Steam Sterilization Indicator Strip 

Medical Lab Devices


High Quality Microscope Monocular Medical Lab Use Microscope Slide Medical Microscope Cover Glass Lab Glass Microscope Slide 7105 Pathology Writing Colorful Microscope Slide Plastic Microscope Slide Storage Box Sail brand microscope slide 7101 Lab borosilicate glass microscope slides 7102 Medical glass 7105 microscope slides Prepared microscope slide glass 7107 Colorful frosted microscope slides 7109 

Centrifuge And Mixer

Laboratory Instrument Minim Oscillator Hige Quality Universal Test Paper Top Sale Universal Test Paper PH Litmus Test Paper 1-14 

Disposable Lab Biological Culture Devices

Hot Sale Perfect Petri Dish Disposable Sample Cllection Swab Disposable Cotton Swab Stick Disposable Female Sample Collection Swab Disposable Amies Swab with medium Disposable Cary-Blair Swab with Medium Disposable Amies Swab with Charcoal Disposable Stuart Swab with Medium Colorful sterile 10ul inoculation loop 

Embedding Cassettes

Disposable Laboratory Embedding Cassette Storage Disposable Plastic POM Embedding Cassettes Disposable Plastic Embedding Cassettes without lid Rould hole Stainless Steel lid Embedding Container Disposable Plastic ABS Embedding Ring 


Toppette Mechanical Pipette Biobase 1000ul Gilson Pipette Tips 200ul Yellow Eppendorf Yellow Pipette Tips Lab Liquid handing pipette machine 1ml 5ml Disposable Plastic Pasteur Pipette Disposbale Plastic Transfer Pipette with Graduation Disposbale Plastic Serological Pipettes with filter 10ml Glass Volumetric Transfer Pipette 

Blood Collection

Disposable Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Disposbale Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Capillary Blood Collection Tube High Quality Blood Collection Set With Butterfly Wing Red non activator vacuum blood collection plain tube Disposable non vacuum blood collection heparin lithium tube BD k2 k3 edta vacutainer blood collection tubes Disposable westergren vacutainer black esr tube stand Medical sodium fluoride potassium oxalate glucose tube Blue top sodium citrate blood vacutainer pt tubes Medical vacuum yellow top blood sst tube vacutainer Yellow cap Gel Clot Activator Tube SST Tube Test tube orange cap clot serum anticoagulant tube 

Test Tube And Stand

Heat Resistant Glass Test Tube Plastic Cylindrical Bottom PP Test Tubes 10ml Plastic PS Test Tube Plastic Test Tube Stopper and Caps Plastic PS Transparent Measuring Cup High Quality Test Tube Rack Laboratory Glass Test Tube 

Lab Glassware

Microscope Glass Slides Staining Jar 100ml Graduation Glass Beaker with spout 25ml Glass Graduation Measuring Cylinder Plastic PP Lab Measuring Cylinder Transparent Brown Glass Reagent Bottle Amber Transparent Laboratory Reagent Bottle Glass Lab Reagent Bottle with Dropper 125ml 250ml Glass Alcohol Lamp 

Lab Electronic Machines

UV and Visible light Desktop Spectrophotometer 

Dental Care

25G 27G 30G Disposable Dental Syringe Needle Disposable Micro Applicator Dental Disposable Saliva Ejector Dental Dispsoable Dental Saliva Ejector Tips Disposible Dental Saliva Ejector Tips High Quality Dental Cotton Roll Disposable medical absorbent cotton ball 


Safety 1st baby nasal aspirator nose cleaner Medical 3 three ball incentive spirometer Medical Biohazard Specimen Waste Bag 5L 10L yellow sharp bin container disposable Medical disposable airplane travel emesis vomit bag Hospital grade manual breast pump breast feeding mothers Reusable Hot and Cold Gel Pack 

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